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Encuentro y despues quizas matrimonio, Amistad, Romance y Casamiento. 
About You You can make me smile even when you're not with me. You can be passionate and spontaneous. You would look great coming out of a genie's bottle and know what my three wishes would be. You can love deeply and be loved. You don't in the past and expect the best of the future. You can smile even when having a bad day. You are mostly bubbly and light but sometimes dark. You would never take me too seriously and could make me laugh in case I took you too seriously. You can clean up in a suit and look just as great in an old pair of jeans that you make look like you were poured into them. You know how to change your mind at the last moment and make it seem the most sensible thing in the world. You love and adore me indefferent of my imperfections and you always will. You would never stop trying to make me happy as I would never try making you happy! :) I love a man who is open and completely willing to worship me :) I only ask for what I would give in return. :) Are you ready for me? :) Nina 

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Vengo de : United States
Pais/Region : California
Ciudad : Long Beach
Fecha de nacimiento: 13 Diciembre 1955
Estatura : 163 cm
Peso : 67 kg
Color de Ojos : Marrón nuez
Color de Cabellos : Negro
Grupo étnico : Latina/Hispana
Religión : Christiano- otros
Complexión física: Delgado
Apariencia : Muy atractivo
Alcohol: En compañia
Fumas: Soy fumador ocasional
Estado Civil : Divorciado
Niños : Ninguno
Profesión :  
Idiomas : Inglés y Español.

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Amoroso/Gentíl/Bueno, Generoso, Viviente, Amable, Romántico, Sincero, Concienzudo, Paciente, Hablador, Inteligente, Sociable, Sexy, Franco, Alegre, Encantador, Flexible y Humorístico/Jovial.
About Me I am of Spanish/American Indian/German descent. I have hazel eyes and wavy long black hair almost down to my waist. I'm always looking forward to the future and finding the good out of life. I'm extremely confident but I know my shortcomings. I am not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. I'm privileged to have a lot of diverse friends from all walks of life. I like all kinds of music, oldies like Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, etc., but the blues really bring out the soul in me... I know how to treat a man by serving him breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning...I'm affectionate and romantic, love to laugh, appreciate fun and funny... I've been a in Social Work, was a Network Technician, Legal Secretary, Executive Administrator for President's/CEO's of start-ups, an Immigration and Relocation Specialist, am a Mother and Grandmother, daughter, sister, auntie, therapist, masseuse, am a good lover, but mostly tried hard to be a good, honest person and a better woman and human being. I will be a lot of other things before I am done, but for now I would like to meet a man to love, to inspire and be inspired by.... I'm looking for a man who shares my views on love, family and friends and is ready

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Viajar, Computadora/Internet, Playa, Arte, Películas, Música, Leer, Bailar, Salir a Cenar, NaturaleZa/Ecología, Cocinar, Familia y Camping.
Harley's Baby

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